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2017 Course - October 16-27 
Charles La Trobe Lecture Theatre, Royal Melbourne Hospital.
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More About Our FRACP Written Exam Prep Course

Our FRACP Written Exam Prep course is a comprehensive 12-day program with approximately 70 hours of content (including a weekend MCQ course schedule). It is conducted by experienced consultants chosen for their teaching skills and intimate knowledge of the written exam.  

All examinable topics in the FRACP written exam will be covered including immunology, genetics, statistics, pharmacology, and obstetrics. A detailed list of topics is provided below. The final day of the course will include two trial exams designed to simulate the experience of the real day.
The 2017 course will take place between October 16th - 27th at the Charles La Trobe Lecture Theatre 
(Royal Melbourne Hospital - 300 Grattan St. Parkville VIC 3050).

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Course Schedule

Physed 2017 Course Information

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2017 Course Information
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Featured Speakers 

Dr. Alberta Hoi
Head of Lupus Clinic and Consultant Rheumatologist (Monash Health)

Dr. Andrew Foote
Consultant Rheumatologist (Monash Health and Austin Health)

Dr. Patrick Carney
Consultant Neurologist - Deputy Director of Neurosciences (Eastern Health)

Dr. Nawaf Yassi
Stroke Physician (Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Dr. Dilip Ratnam
Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist (Monash Health)

Dr. Eli Dabscheck
Respiratory and Sleep Physician (Alfred Health)

A/Prof. Frances Milat
Consultant Endocrinologist and Head of Metabolic Bone Services (Monash Health), Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Dept of Medicine, School of Clinical Sciences (Monash University)

A/Prof. Glen Westall
Respiratory and Lung Transplant Physician (Alfred Health), Head, Nationally Funded Centre (NFC) for Paediatric Lung Transplantation at the Alfred Hospital

Dr. Jennifer Wong
Clinical Director Diabetes, Diabetes and Vascular Medicine Unit (Monash Health)

Dr. Caroline Jung
Consultant Endocrinologist (St. Vincent's Hospital)

A/Prof. Kate Cherry
Consultant Infectious Diseases Physician (Alfred Health/Burnet Institute)

A/Prof. Joanne Said
President of the Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand and Maternal Fetal Medicine Consultant (Sunshine Hospital)

Prof. Martin Delatycki
Director, Clinical Genetics (Austin Health) and Director, Bruce Lefroy Centre for Genetic Health Research (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute)

A/Prof. Michael Franco
Consultant Oncologist and Palliative Care Physician (Monash Health), Adjunct Senior Lecturer Department of Medicine (Monash University)

A/Prof. Neil Strathmore
Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist (Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Dr. Stephanie Jones
Head of General Medicine (Dandenong Hospital) and Infectious Diseases Physician (Monash Health)

Topics Covered

– Ischaemic Heart Disease and Acute Coronary Syndrome
– Heart Failure and Valvular Disease
– Arrhythmias
– Hepatology including Liver Transplant
– Inflammatory Bowel Disease
– Upper GI Tract
– Dyspepsia, Peptic Ulcer Disease
– Pancreatitis and Bowel Cancer Screening
Infectious Diseases
– Antibiotics and Antifungals Including Resistance Mechanisms and
Empirical Management of Common Infections
– HIV Medicine
– Tropical Medicine
– Malignant Haematology
– Haemostasis, Thrombosis and Coagulopathy
– General Haematology including Anaemia, Haemoglobinopathies, Thrombocytopenia
– Chronic Kidney Disease including Complications and Dialysis
– Renal Transplant 
– Acute Kidney Inury and Glomerulonephritis
– Dementia, Delirium and the Physiology of Ageing
– Falls, Continence, Polypharmacy
– Innate and Adaptive Immune System
– B/T/NK Cell Function
– Complement 
– Allergy
Clinical Epidemiology and Statistics
– Trial Design and Bias
– Introductory Biostatistics
Trial Exam
– Basic Sciences and Clinical Applications Paper (Final Day of Course)
– Sleep medicine and Spirometry – Obstructive Lung Diseases – ILD/Pulmonary HTN/CF/Lung Transplant
– Diabetes Mellitus – Thyroid/Pituitary/Adrenal Disorders – Osteoporosis, Bone metabolism and Reproductive health
– Arthritis (OA and RA) including DMARD Therapy – SLE, Vasculitis, Myositis, Gout, Scleroderma and Seronegative Spondyloarthropathies,
– Stroke Medicine – Epilepsy, Movement Disorders – Multiple Sclerosis – Peripheral Neuropathies, Spinal Cord Syndromes and Myasthenia
– Breast, Lung and Colorectal Cancer – Melanoma and GI Cancers – Prostate and Gynaecological Malignancies
Pregnancy Medicine
– Common Issues including Pre-eplampsia, HELLP and the Physiology of Pregnancy
Clinical Pharmacology
– Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacdynamics – Drug Metabolism – Review of CYP450 and P-Glycoprotein Pathways – Review of Common Drug Interactions
– Pedigree Analysis – Common Inheritance Patterns

Venue Information 

The 2017 course will take place at the Charles La Trobe Lecture Theatre, Royal Melbourne Hospital. 300 Grattan St Parkville VIC 3050.

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